Friday, March 19, 2010

Nut Milk Ice Cream is Delicious!

For today's post, I would like to talk about Nut Milk Ice cream!!!  This has become a favorite for my family, and is so simple and quick to make!  I bought a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker a couple months ago (with my prize winnings from a recipe contest for frosting!), and have been trying all sorts of delightful frozen treats!  From sorbets and frozen yogurt, to traditional ice cream, and now: Nut Milk Ice Cream!  I've found that a blend of Coconut milk and Almond milk seems to give the perfect level of "creaminess" with just a light note of coconut and almond flavor.  It does not compete with the flavor of the ice cream, it always seems to be just the perfect hint of nutty flavor.  I've used low-fat and full cream coconut milk, and the best texture seems to come from the higher fat milks.  It reminds me somewhat of gelato in texture and fullness of flavor!  The low fat coconut milk gives the finished frozen treat a slightly "Icy" texture, as it has less fat to really give that creamy texture; but I've found that adding just a bit to a fruit sorbet is a delicious way to incorporate just a touch of creaminess!  I have pictured a Chocolate version of Nut Milk ice cream in this post, but one of my favorite flavors has been my "Tropical Delight".  For the tropical flavor I added pureed mango and pineapple, a few chunks of the fruits as well, and a bit of shredded coconut, not to mention also adding in pineapple juice for sweetener instead of sugar (while eating it I could envision chopped bits of macadamia nuts as well!  Maybe next time!).  The result was a creamy, icy treat just bursting with tropical flavor!  But the Chocolate is a very simple and decadent way to enjoy this frozen treat! I used Dark Chocolate for the absolute richest flavor, and really, a little goes long way!  My sweet tooth is completely satisfied after about a 1/4 cup of this rich ice cream, and it's great knowing it's vegan and organic as well (I only purchase organic coconut milk, the almond milk is also organic, as well as the sugar and dark chocolate!).  Please give it a try, and enjoy the creamy goodness of Nut Milk Ice Cream!!

Chocolate Nut Milk Ice Cream:

3/4 cup Dark Chocolate chunks
1 1/2 cups coconut milk
1 cup almond milk
1/3 cup sugar

Pour the Dark Chocolate chunks into a medium size microwave container.  Place in the microwave for 30 seconds on high power.  Stir completely to help melt the chocolate.  Continue to microwave in 15 second intervals until chocolate is completely melted, stirring thoroughly each time.  It should only take the first 30 seconds, and then one or two 15 second intervals.  Remove from microwave when fully melted, and add in the coconut milk and almond milk, whisking briskly to fully combine the ingredients.  Use a spoon to get all the chocolate from the bottom of the dish and stir well into the nut milk.  Add in the sugar and whisk until fully combined.  You can place this mixture, covered, into the fridge to freeze later, or pour immediately into your ice cream maker (follow the directions for your ice cream maker for the best results, whether it is a frozen bowl type, like mine, or the kind that you have to add ice and rock salt to, or a hand crank style!).  With my Cuisinart machine my ice cream is frozen into a "soft-serve" type treat in about 25 minutes.  I then scoop it into a freezer safe container, cover tightly, and freeze for about 2 hours to "ripen" (I prefer a more firmly frozen ice cream) before serving.  Try this out the next time you are ready for a frozen treat!  Some great additions would be to add in some cinnamon, or crushed almonds and a few chocolate chunks in the last 5 minutes of freezing in your ice cream maker!  Create your own favorite flavors, I'd love to hear what you wind up with!! ENJOY!


  1. TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!!! Hope this helps some people who are lactose free! You GO girl! Merry Cooking!

  2. Thanks Merry! Hope you give it a try as well, it's so tasty! I made it for a birthday party today and was a big success! Delicious for anyone, even without dietary restrictions! =)

  3. Best present at the party! Thanks!!

  4. Hi there John! Glad you all liked it! I will have to make some new flavors soon! :)