Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Products and Great Recipes!

Now here is a first for me on the Kitchen Enchantress Cooks!  I am pleased to share my first review with you all, and I get to start with some really great products!  I was shipped a lovely large box of sauces, marinades, mustards and olives from a wonderful company called Saucy Mama, for me to review and host a giveaway on my blog!  Here is a picture of the wonderful variety that I received:
 And the really great news?!  Saucy Mama sent me two of each kind, one to try and create recipes with, and the other to share with my readers!  I have had no trouble coming up with some terrific recipes, these products are very flavorful, and add a delicious touch to everything that I've used them in!  I have decided to share one recipe for each type of product, and will be sharing them in 3 different blog posts.  I will feature two different products per post, and will be giving away the same two products that I review each post to you, my readers!  So you will have 3 different chances to win a set of two of these products to try out yourself!

The rules for the giveaways are:

1. Post a comment on the blog posts featuring Saucy Mama products, and let me know how you would use the products mentioned in the post!  You can comment as many times as you like, sharing as many recipe ideas as you would like, and receive an entry for each comment!

2. You must sign in to comment or leave your first name and last initial in your post so that I can keep track of who is commenting, so that you can win!

3. You must leave your comments by the end of September 10th, 2010, and the winners will be posted on September 12th, 2010.

The winner of each post will be chosen by random drawing of all comments received, so the more you take part, the better your chances of receiving a set of your own Saucy Mama products to use!  I know you will enjoy these great products as much as I am, and look forward to sharing the Saucy Mama love with you all!  Look for the first blog post review and recipes later today, with the other two posts following within this next week!  I can't wait to hear your ideas, so start thinking: what would you do with some delicious Saucy Mama products?!


  1. So fun! I can't wait. The sauces look good...and you always do amazing things with food! Have fun!

  2. Saucy Mama soaked red salmon jerky that pepper one sounds good for some salmon

  3. Love the name- Saucy Mama! They look wonderful!

  4. I would probably try your salad rolls. Great pictures. Very inspirational. I have only used chipoltle in adobo for chicken and rice dishes. I think the chipoltle with lime sauce sounds delicious. Debbie J.