Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saucy Mama Hot Wing Sauce and Cracked Pepper Marinade!

Today I will be featuring two wonderful Saucy Mama products, Hot Wing Sauce and Cracked Pepper Marinade! I truly enjoyed both of these products, and I think I came up with two different recipes that will be great for your next party, or evening with guests! Make sure to leave your comments at the end of the post, to have a chance to win your own set of Saucy Mama Hot Wing Sauce and Cracked Pepper Marinade! Read the guidelines of the giveaway here. I am always trying to come up with new recipes, and love to create new things to share with friends!  The Saucy Mama Hot Wing sauce is an incredibly flavorful sauce, with just the right amount of heat!  I don't often make hot wings, but this is definitely a sauce I will love to use in many recipes!  I liked the Hot Wing Sauce so much in fact, that it inspired me to create a new way to eat hot wings, without all of the mess, but still full of all of the great flavors of a great hot wing!  I thought back to the best tasting hot wings I had ever had, a small brewery in a charming Bavarian style town called Mount Angel in Oregon.  I wanted to recreate the flavor of that moment in my own way, and the Saucy Mama Hot Wing Sauce really made the recipe turn out delicious! Very simple to make, quick and delicious, and perfect to place a plate out for friends or family, these Saucy Mama Hot Wing Rolls are great! With crisp celery, melting blue cheese and flavorful and spicy moist chicken, all wrapped and fried like an egg roll, they are sure to please! Enjoy the flavor, and enjoy not having all the mess!!
Saucy Mama Hot Wing Rolls:

Prep Time: about 15 minutes
Cooking Time: about 8 minutes total
Serves: about 12 (makes about 12 rolls)

2 cups cooked Chicken, diced *(Rotisserie chicken works great for this, but you can also just dice up your choice of chicken meat (tenders, thighs, breasts, etc), and cook quickly in a small amount of olive oil.)
1 cup Celery, diced
1/2 cup Green Onion, diced
4 ounces Blue Cheese, crumbled
1/2 cup Saucy Mama Hot Wing Sauce
12 egg roll wrappers

To Prepare:

1. Place the diced chicken, celery, green onion and blue cheese crumbles into a large bowl. Stir well to combine.
2. Pour the Saucy Mama Hot Wing sauce over the bowl of combined ingredients, and stir well until fully incorporated.
3. Place a large saucepan (3 qt. or larger) over medium high heat, and pour about a 4 inch depth of cooking oil into the pan, bringing it to a high temperature for frying.  Or prepare a deep fryer if you have one. 
4. While the oil is heating: On a flat surface, place one egg roll wrapper so that it looks like a diamond in front of you. Dip your fingers in a shallow dish of warm water, and moisten the outer inch of all edges. Place about a quarter of a cup of filling in the center of the wrapper, spreading it to about one inch from the sides. Starting at the bottom, fold the bottom edge up over the filling tightly, fold both sides in, and then continue rolling tightly up to the end of the wrapper. Place aside, seam side down, and continue wrapping the remaining rolls until all filling is used.
5. When the oil sizzles when a test piece of egg roll wrapper is placed in: Gently place about 4 Hot Wing Rolls in at a time, frying about 2 minutes, until golden brown and crisp. Remove with stainless steel tongs and place on a plate lined with paper toweling to drain while you finish frying the remaining rolls. Place on a platter, serve, and enjoy!

I was also fortunate to try the really intensely flavored and rich Cracked Pepper Marinade! Full of delicious bits of Cracked pepper, red pepper flakes, and the delightful taste of soy sauce, this sauce will really liven up a lot of dishes!  It's zingy, yet just slightly sweet, and I think it would be great with grilled meats or veggies, or even used as a base for salad dressings or bread dipping oils.  If I am ever making recipes for a party, I try to think of some non-fried options, full of great vegetables and unexpected flavors.  I like to think of my next recipe as a little Amuse-bouche if you will, an intensely delicious mouthful to tantalize your guests taste buds for the next course.  Not only is it full of flavor, but very simple, and perfect for the soon arriving Autumn season! I hope you enjoy my recipe for:

Saucy Mama Cracked Pepper Wheels:

Prep Time: about 15-20 minutes
Cooking Time: about 25 minutes
Serves: up to 12 (makes 24 slices)

2  large sweet potatoes, you will need 24 - 1/4" slices
1/4 cup, plus 2 Tablespoons Saucy Mama Cracked Pepper Marinade
1 large Portobello mushroom cap, about 2 cups diced
1/2 cup green onion, diced
1/4 cup walnuts, chopped
2 ounces Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled

To Prepare:

1. Preheat an oven to 400 degrees. Peel the Sweet potatoes, and cut into 1/4" thick slices, about 12 per potato. Pour a 1/4 cup of the Cracked Pepper marinade into a dish (reserving the additional 2 Tablespoons), and dip the sweet potato slices in, coating all sides, and placing the coated sweet potatoes onto a foil lined baking sheet.  Place into the preheated oven, and bake until caramelized and fork tender, about 20 minutes, turning once half way through baking time.

2. While the sweet potato slices are baking, prepare the mushroom topping.  Heat a large skillet (10 inch or larger) over medium high heat.  Add in the diced mushrooms, green onions, and chopped walnuts, stirring constantly.  Pour in the reserved 2 Tablespoons Cracked Pepper Marinade, and continue to cook quickly, about 2-3 minutes, until mushrooms are golden and soft. Remove from heat, and place into a bowl.  Add in the crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, stirring gently just to combine.

3. When the Sweet Potato slices are tender, remove pan from oven and top each slice with the mushroom topping, dividing evenly among the slices.  Return to the oven, and continue to bake about 5 minutes, until the Gorgonzola cheese is golden and bubbling. Remove from oven, use a spatula to place the Cracked Pepper Wheels onto a platter, and allow to cool about 10 minutes before serving to guests, so that they may pick them up and fully enjoy without burning their fingers! 

-I can't wait to hear your ideas for these two wonderful sauces and marinades!  Let me know what you think, and you just might get these two great products delivered to your door, for you to create in the kitchen with and share with your own guests!


  1. OMG the sweet potatoes look incredibly
    WONDERFUL ~ your recipes are tops! I'd love to make pistachio swai fish fillet and drizzle the Saucy Mama Hot Wing sauce over the fish.

  2. I'd like to try the Saucy Mama Cracked Pepper Marinade mixed into a twice baked potato mixture. After mixing the sauce into the potato I'd stuff it all back into the potato and sprinkle cheese and bacon bits on top. Bake it some more, and YAHOO a delicious stuffed potato. Serve with a green salad and call it a meal. I AM GOING TO try your sweet potato recipe ~ WOW my eyes are popping out!

  3. The Saucy Mama Cracked Pepper Wheels sound amazing, and I could tear up a plate of those Hot Wing Rolls. It all sounds fantastic. Great recipes Kate.
    Brandon S.

  4. Excellent looking recipes!

    Here are a few more ideas...

    Hot wing sauce: I would like to try this with grilled turkey burgers and serve them in a pita with avocado, greens, and a little bit of provolone cheese.

    Cracked pepper sauce: I would love to marinate a flat-iron steak with this, grill it and slice it thinly. Then I would serve it over greens with avocado, hearts of palm, green onions, and blue cheese crumbles. You could even mix the marinade with some simple vinaigrette to infuse more of the flavor in the salad.

    Stephanie R.

  5. These are all really wonderful sounding recipe ideas! Delicious! :)